This page was last updated on 13 November 2020

We would like to inform participants that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus developments in Switzerland and around the world. At the present time, we continue preparations for PASC21 based on the assumption that the conference will take place as an in-person event. We understand that designated presenters may change closer to the event according to circumstances. In case the situation appears to compromise the hosting of the in-person conference, we will consider other event formats and forms of participation. The decision about an alternative format for the event will be communicated on this page and through the conference distribution list in March 2021.

The safety of our conference participants is our top priority and we are working with the University of Geneva to ensure that all health regulations are met in view of creating a safe and relaxing environment for attendees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does registration open?

Registration opens in April 2021 after the event format is announced in March 2021.

  • Is it possible that the conference is cancelled if the situation does not allow for in-person participation?

No, the conference will not be cancelled. In the event that in-person participation is not possible, the event will be moved to a fully virtual channel. This might have some repercussions on the event dates.

  • What alternative formats are being considered for the event?

While we are keeping open to the possibility to host the conference in-person, we understand that realistically it is likely that we will turn towards a hybrid or a fully virtual event.

  • My submitted contribution has been accepted for presentation at PASC21. Should I be unable / feel uncomfortable to attend the conference in-person, will my contribution be cancelled from the program?

No, in such instance the organizing committee will discuss with you alternative participation options. Participation options could include identifying a speaker who could present your contribution in person on your behalf, or presenting the contribution through a virtual channel.

  • Should I register for in-person attendance but then change my mind due to a fluctuation in the coronavirus situation, will I lose my registration?

In such case, it will be possible to adapt your registration to a virtual attendance fee and be reimbursed the difference. However, please note that we do not plan refunds for registration fees related to the virtual format of the event.

  • Should the conference be held in hybrid format, will remote participation be free of charge?

No, participation in the event will be subject to payment. Rates for remote participation will be published on the website once the organizing committee takes a final decision on the format of the event.

  • If the organizing committee is forced to move the conference to a fully virtual channel at the last minute due to the emerging of a situation that threatens the safety of the in-person participants, will my travel costs and hotel be refunded by PASC21?

Unfortunately, the conference cannot support participants with travel or hotel refunds. The organizing committee recommends making refundable hotel arrangements and purchasing flexible airplane tickets or purchasing tickets close to the event dates.