Minisymposium: Towards Exascale Computing in Kinetic Simulations of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas. Part II - Core and Edge
Event TypeMinisymposium
TimeTuesday, 6 July 202114:00 - 16:00 CEST
LocationLise Girardin
DescriptionMagnetic fusion plasmas are subject to a plethora of collective effects such as electromagnetic waves and instabilities, spanning multiple time- and length- scales. The low collisionality of reactor core plasmas makes a kinetic description mandatory for an accurate representation. Ions and electrons have very different dynamics, and therefore the problem is intrinsically multi-scale, both in space and time. As we go towards the plasma edge, collisionality increases and the relative fluctuation amplitudes become close to unity. Core and edge plasmas present very different physical conditions and, until now, these two regions were typically treated separately. But given that these two regions actually strongly interact with each other, the challenge to achieve realistic simulations is to describe them in a unified framework. This Part II of the minisymposium will specifically address this issue. In particular, pros and cons of treating this problem using different numerical approaches will be covered.