Minisymposium: High Performance Scientific Computing in Aquatic Research
Session Chair
Event TypeMinisymposium
CS and Math
Emerging Applications
Climate and Weather
TimeThursday, 8 July 202117:00 - 19:00 CEST
LocationJean-Jacques Rousseau
DescriptionLakes form an integral component of ecosystems and our communities, with a significant portion of the Swiss population living in their close proximity. Better understanding of the internal lake processes and can be obtained through the development of more accurate computational models and the use of the newly available high frequency sensor data. Enabled by powerful computational resources, researchers can now test and evaluate multitude of model paradigms, calibrate and infer quantities governing the physical and ecological dynamical processes and study the underlying fine-scale mechanisms. These methodologies can be coupled with state-of-the-art data assimilation techniques allowing to perform statistical inference of inaccessible quantities of interest and to perform accurate forecasting for early warning systems, including the quantification of the associated uncertainty. The goal of this minisymposium is to foster exchange of recent developments and methodologies pertaining to high performance computing in aquatic research, with a large focus on lake phenomena. These discussions aim to help scientists to better understand complex processes that are relevant to improve the quality of lake models and predictive frameworks.