Finn Løvholt
Finn Løvholt is a researcher at NGI in Norway, at the independent research foundation NGI in Norway, where he has worked more than 20 years. He has extensive experience related to basic tsunami research, tsunami hazard and risk, as well as to the dynamics of geo-materials and landslides. A core focus in his work is landslide tsunamis, which includes addressing coupling of multiple phases from landslide contained by sediment and water waves. Løvholt was awarded a four-year outstanding young scientist grant by the Research Council of Norway related to modelling landslide tsunamis. His experience ranges from research as well as more practical consulting projects, from applications related to landslide generated water waves and tsunami hazard due to earthquakes. He has participated in key EU projects related to tsunami hazard and landslides (e.g. ASTARTE, TSUMAPS-NEAM, ChEESE, SLATE, eFlows4HPC) and assisted the UNDRR for the Global Assessment Report and as nominated expert in the UNDRR Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF). He is one of the main persons leading a global network initiative towards establishing a Global Tsunami Model (GTM) incorporating the global tsunami expertise in a joint framework, and he is also presently a vice-chair in the related COST Action AGITHAR (