Marco Bacci
I graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 at University of Florence (Italy). There I also earned my PhD in Non-Linear Dynamics and Complex Systems in March 2013.
During the spring semester of 2013, I was lecturer of Mechanics of Solids at Gonzaga University in Florence (Italy).

From Oct. 2013 to Sept. 2018 I was Post-Doc in the Caflisch lab at University of Zurich, where I dealt with the study of molecular systems with computational models.

From Oct. 2018 to Feb. 2020 I worked in the Scientific Computing Group in SIAM to work on the “Scalable Package for Uncertainty quantification in X” ( SPUX ) framework, where X stands for “any type of application”. With SPUX, a versatile computing platform, our goal is to foster the spread of high-performance uncertainty quantification in multiple fields, with special focus on hydrological science.

Currently, I work with Carlo Albert on supervised representation learning and likelihood-free methods for Bayesian inference.