Andrey Ustyuzhanin
Andrey Ustyuzhanin received a PhD in Computer Science from the Institute of System Programming RAS, Russia (2007). He has worked at Yandex for seven years as a researcher and was the Yandex School of Data Analysis group's team leader at LHCb collaboration. He is the co-founder and director of the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis at HSE University. His team participates in several international collaborations: LHCb, SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles), OPERA, NEWSdm, JUNO, MPD@NICA.
Overall, those interdisciplinary joint projects help make machine intelligence language and components the 1st class trusted citizen for the scientific discovery process and include developing and deploying data quality monitoring systems, fast simulation tools, detector design optimization. His scientific interests span predictive model interpretability, black-box optimization, simulation-based inference, AI-assisted research methodology and tools.
Andrey's main aspiration is to develop new scientific research approaches that speed up scientific progress in a trusted and reliable way augmented by the power of machine intelligence.
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