Giovanni Pizzi
Dr. Giovanni Pizzi obtained his PhD in Physics from Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. He is now senior researcher at EPFL. His research focuses on methods and applications of high-throughput simulations for materials design and discovery, using atomistic techniques ranging from first-principles DFT to tight-binding, and bridging the two in a multiscale approach via Wannier functions. He leads the development teams of the AiiDA infrastructure ( and of the Materials Cloud portal ( and oversees their design. Moreover, he is co-author of the Wannier90 code ( He is project leader of the Open Science Platform of the MARVEL NCCR, and main PI of the swissuniversities P-5 Project "Materials Cloud", and of the "OSSCAR" project funded by the EPFL Open Science Fund. He is on the Executive Committee of the MaX European Centre of Excellence, coordinator of the "Materials Cloud" Implementation Network of GO-FAIR, and on the editorial board of the "Computational Materials Science" journal. He is recipient of the 2010 "Giuseppe F. Bassani" prize of the Italian Physical Society and of the 2020 prize of the R. & R. Haenny Foundation.
Chair of Sessions
Chemistry and Materials