Minisymposium: Multiscale Modeling of Materials, Part II
Event TypeMinisymposium
CS and Math
Chemistry and Materials
TimeWednesday, 7 July 202114:00 - 16:00 CEST
LocationMichel Mayor
DescriptionThis mini-symposium will focus on the tools and the models required to accurately model material behavior under various mechanical stimuli. Continuum-scale models traditionally have difficulty accounting for specific mesoscale deformation behavior due to the larger length scales (tens to hundreds of microns) at which these models are applicable. Accurately modeling fracture in higher length scale models is limited in similar ways; the sub-scale features of interest such as cracks and/or voids, and their interactions along boundaries cannot be resolved. Furthermore, when complex and extreme loading conditions are considered, the active deformation mechanisms can change, impacting overall material strength and damage evolution. Hence, the current state of the art models, particularly those active at larger length scales, cannot accurately predict material behavior especially under dynamic loading conditions. To get around these issues, many multiscale approaches have been developed in which information is ‘passed’ from lower length scales up to higher length scales. While this approach is reasonable, what information is needed, how different models on different length scales connect, and the fidelity of these connections is still not clear. This symposium is aimed at addressing these issues by bringing together modelers who have been working on modeling materials across scales.