Minisymposium: Earth Observations Data Cubes
Event TypeMinisymposium
Emerging Applications
TimeMonday, 5 July 202115:30 - 17:30 CEST
LocationJean-Jacques Rousseau
DescriptionSatellite Earth Observations (EO) data have already exceeded the petabyte-scale and are increasingly freely and openly available from different data holdings. This poses a number of Big Data challenges impending their full information potential to be realized. EO Data Cubes (EODC) are a new paradigm revolutionizing the way users can interact with EO data and a promising solution to store, organize, manage and analyze large volumes of EO data. Different implementations are currently operational and are paving the way to broaden the use of EO data to larger communities of users; support decision-makers with timely and actionable information converted into meaningful geophysical variables; and ultimately unlock the information power of EO data. This Minisymposium is aiming to cover the most recent advances in EODC developments from four leading countries on this technology: Australia, Switzerland, Mexico and Armenia.