Minisymposium: Towards the New Generation of Earth System Models: Challenges on the Road to Exascale
Event TypeMinisymposium
CS and Math
Emerging Applications
Climate and Weather
TimeWednesday, 7 July 202111:00 - 13:00 CEST
LocationJean Calvin
DescriptionThe path towards exascale computing holds enormous challenges for the community of weather and climate modelling regarding portability, scalability and data management. Exascale machines will allow running Global kilometre-resolving simulations which eventually will enable the representation of features impossible until now. However, the new complexity of the Earth System Models (ESMs) on development could be critical for the new exascale's deployment.
Speakers from the HPC-driven European centre of excellence ESiWACE on exascale computing for weather and climate models will address this matter from different points of view; each speaker will present different challenges faced in their scientific domain and the approaches to mitigate these challenges. Including topics such as 1) the latest results and technical achievements in the context of ESiWACE 2) the computational analysis of the O(1km) global model and challenges presented on the development of the new configurations, 3) the use of PSyclone in LFRic to achieve performance and portability on different architectures and accelerators such as GPUs or 4) the new coupling generation for ESMs on exascale platforms through OASIS3-MCT. All of them pursuing the main goal to prepare the weather and climate community to be able to make use of exascale systems when they become available.