• Kate Evans (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)
  • Damian Rouson (Sourcery Institute, US)

We are currently in the process of building the scientific committee for the PASC21 Papers Program.

Chemistry and Materials

  • Domain Co-Chair: Stephan Irle (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)

Climate and Weather

  • Domain Co-Chair: Oliver Fuhrer (Vulcan Inc., US)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Samantha Adams (Met Office, UK)

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

  • Domain Co-Chair: Laura Grigori (INRIA Paris, France)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Sameer Shende (University of Oregon, US)

Emerging Application Domains

Life Sciences

  • Domain Co-Chair: Anotida Madzvamuse (University of Sussex, UK)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Suzanne Lenhart (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US)


  • Domain Co-Chair: Alvaro Coutinho (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Rachel Slaybaugh (University of California, Berkeley, US)


  • Domain Co-Chair: Katrin Heitmann (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Axel Huebl (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US)

Solid Earth Dynamics

  • Domain Co-Chair: Monica Maceira (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)
  • Domain Co-Chair: Andreas Fichtner (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Michael Bader (TU Munich, Germany)
  • Eileen Martin (Virginia Tech, US)
  • Georg Stadler (New York University, US)