PASC21 participants will have the opportunity to network throughout the entire duration of the conference by joining SpatialChat (the link will be shared via event platform). This virtual platform simulates the space of a room, where you can move and join discussions in small or large groups, as well as have one-on-one conversations. 

The virtual room will be always available for informal chatting, as an unattended networking space, while the official networking session (where you will able to meet PASC21 Conference Chairs and Organizing Committee and discuss your impressions and reflections with them) will be held on July 8, 2021 from 14:00 - 15:30 CEST. More details available here.

Information and recommendations:

  • We recommend using the Chrome browser if possible.
  • Expand your browser window to full width.
  • In SpatialChat you're represented by a circle avatar with your face showing via video - please give SpatialChat access to your camera.
  • You’ll enter the first room (Old Town), and from here you will be able to move to any of the other 4 rooms: Mouettes, Carouge, Mont Salève or Park La Grange (you will find the rooms on the side of your screen).
  • Each of the 5 rooms has a capacity of maximum 50 participants. If the first room is already full, you will be sent directly into one of the other rooms.
  • If you do not see the entire virtual room, please zoom out or expand your browser window.
  • You can move in the virtual space by dragging your circle around the room.
  • You can see where other people are located in the virtual space: when your circle is close to them, you can hear them well; as you move away from them, their voice becomes quieter.
  • You can check out who is already in a room by expanding the arrow next to the name of the room or move to a different room that is not full yet by clicking on it.

How to avoid most common problems:

  • Switch off other connected audio / video devices.
  • Avoid using other apps at the same time (Zoom, Skype, etc).
  • Clear your cache and cookies.

Click here for further information on the basics of SpatialChat.

We hope you have a fun experience!